Unique Toys: UT-G02 Sharkies

Unique Toys: Sharkies


Released: Dec 2013

Based: Transformers Generation 1

Sharkticon Gnaw

Package includes:

  • 3 Sharkies
  • 3 hand-guns
  • 3 tails/ ball and chain weapon
  • 3 pairs of horns
  • instructions
  • bio card

Height beast mode: approx 11cm.

Height robot mode: approx 12 cm.

I was pretty skeptical with this set of figures. Unique Toys has received plenty of negative feedback during what I’ll call – the ‘Predaking Wars’. Shoddy packaging and complaints of lack lustre design were always the main focus from collectors who didn’t own the figures. While I disagree about the design, I saw no sales and little interest for their Predaking figures. Also an issue was they’ve unveiled this figure just before iGear’s own 3-pack of sharkticons.  The question for me is whether this figure was rushed to take away from iGear sales. (For those of you naïve enough to think it was accidental, let me clue you in. This was deliberate and a direct challenge to iGear. The 3-pack from iGear, is limited to two online retailers, and approximately $30 US more expensive than UT.)

I waited for my supplier to get his prototype, to get his take on the figure. He said they were good, and with some trepidation, I brought in a case and here we are.

UT: Sharkies

The three-pack comes in a long, yellow box. Sturdy blister pack in side separates the three figures.  Excessive blister pack, as they could have made the box smaller but it’s at least sturdy.  The illustration on the box isn’t amazing, but the colouring will make the box standout. It’s very comic bookish.



The figure has an amazing amount of detail. The figure has several layers, and actual physical depth that was sorely missing in their Predacon line.  The figure does not have lots of ‘vents’ like other third party figures, but instead has nicely layered folds that enhance the overall look.

The expression for each different figure is an amazing concept. I think this is huge. You’ve given the figure something that differentiates it from the other. I always hated the fact that the seekers all had the same expression. It always seemed that I was buying the same figure for a different colour, now at least there is a physical difference.


The figure has the same colouring as the original vintage figure. Light blue shark arms, grey ‘skin’, and purple highlights. What is different is the figure now has more of a metallic metal sheen for its torso, and gold-foiled eyes. The robot’s faces are a light lavender with red eyes. To differentiate the figures, UT has also coloured one of the three a deeper shade of lavender. This is noticeable for the shark’s mouth and the robots upper chest region. Extra care has been given to the colouring of the figure. For those of you obsessed with vents, they’ve been given a different shade than the rest of the figure. Red paint has been applied on different parts of the figure. There’s not a lot, but its more than enough to distinguish the figure.  I can’t see why you’d want stickers.


There are some negatives to this figure keeping it from being an awesome figure.


Parts that are joined together – such as the shin/calf part of the legs are misaligned. It’s not perfect, and something like that should have been caught and really corrected. This misalignment flaw can also be noticed in the cranium of the animal figure. It is noticeable.

Sharp points

This figure has a lot of deliberate sharp points. The points can be found on the fins, the elbow spikes, the teeth, and the top outer layer of the mouth.  While some people will definitely like the points, excessive handling will likely end up with you having a lot scratches on your hands. This is definitely not meant for a child, and holding it incorrectly will leave you with pointed jabs to your fingers.

Animal Feet

I would have really liked it if they could have given the Sharky another foot flap. It only has two, one in front and the other in back. A tripod set of toes would have given the figure the ability to simulate a squatting animal.

Not Negatives and not Positives


This figure is a hollow figure. The robot’s feet are tucked into the body of the shark, so the main body is little more than a hollow shell. This reduction of plastic leaves the figure very light, with most of the weight likely coming from its limbs. For those that like heavy figures, you’re not going to like this aspect. That being said, this will probably end up being less stress on the knee joints in the long run.


The horns can come off the figure. I’m not sure if it was absolutely necessary to have them able to come off, but I can’t see it being an issue unless you lose it. They’re a nice blue and its breaks up the colouring of the Sharky nicely in its animal mode.


It’s a nice blue blaster. It’s decent.


Very easy, if you read the instructions and have the patience to figure it out.

Other stuff


While Sharky isn’t horrifically difficult to transform, it’s still nice to see instructions for the figure.  The instructions are printed on a sturdy stock of gloss paper, with clear instructions. I don’t need a magnifying glass to read it (take note-ToyWorld!) and the parts that are of focus in the steps, are highlighted in red. Excellent- it’s what instructions are supposed to be, easy to read and helpful.


Bio-cards make nice coasters and this one is no exception. It’s made of thick plastic and has a nice coloured illustration of Sharky on one side, and his bio on the other. It’s nothing spectacular but it’s not really terrible either. Make a hologram card, or a gold-foiled card.

Things I wished for

I wish it were a smidge taller. The short legs, long arms, and barrel torso really make this a character, but 1 to 2cm taller, and this figure would be more statuesque.

I would have loved a segmented tail, to make it more like a spiked ball and chain. As is, it’s a nice piece, but it would have put this figure over the top.


I’m happy with the Sharky figure. Colouring and detailing make this a nice piece. I’ll disregard the sharp pointy parts of the figure, because it will be going on a shelf. The alignment is a bit of a sore point, but not enough to make me not like this figure. I really like the lavender purple, and the gold eyes are great. The detailing of the figure breaks it up nicely. I was very skeptical, but now I’m pretty happy I brought it in. This figure could have easily gone down the design route of Impossible Toys. Thankfully it did not, and now I have a small platoon of sharkticons. Out of 10 – I would score it 7.25 out of 10.  A few changes like the shark feet and alignment would have easily put this figure much higher on my rating.


sharky-frontback-sharky sharky-mouthsharky1.2sharky-side group-sharky1Sharky-tail   group-sharky3.2 group-sharky2  front-card-sharky cardbk-sharkyshark-head3 shark-head2 shark-head1



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